Drennan FD3000 Reel

Drennan FD3000 Reel

Drennan FD3

Having been enthused by an article in the latest Improve your coarse fishing on “waggler with corn on worm”, I decided I would try something different to the feeder fishing on my next visit to my local stillwater. I already had a 13ft float rod and suitable sized reel, but i had been dying to try the new Drennan FD reels since we had taken delivery of them in mid december. Its sleek, marine blue body colour and alloy spool mike it a very attractive reel, sure to look at home on any float or feeder rod. A 3000 size reel was loaded with 100metres of the  new Drennan Supplex Mono, 4lb breaking strain. The line went on the reel smoothly. Easily done on this reel as the 3 spools it comes with only hold 100 metres of line..

           after closing the shop we headed to the lake to catch the last few hours of light for a spot of fishing with my son William. Having reached our peg we simply put our feeder rods together that were already tackled up in our  Super Specialist twin rod sleeve, and cast our baits to the island 40 feet away. End tackle consisted of flat bed feeders loaded with Berkley Gulp  Carp micro pellets and the new Drennan Quickstop hooks to nylon with a Dynamite baits 8mm robin red pellet. The new quickstop rigs are really easy to use, just mount the quickstop on the needle and push it through any bait. We have used them with pellets hard nd soft, corn , meat and worm. The bites were slow and few, with the carp stopping away, the bream as always were keen to feed. William managed to land a carp on the robin red pellet. The main reason for my trip was though to try out my new Drennan FD3000 Reel.  I fitted it to my 13ft float rod and ran the line up through the eyes. Having concentrated on feeder fishing the last 12 months I was looking forward to casting a float out. A Drennan Stillwater Antenna Float was attached via a swivelled float attachment, followed by a Drennan Super Spade size 16 hook to 5lb nylon. I didn’t fancy catching small Roach , so maggot was discarded in favour of corn. Fishing at a depth of about 4ft, which was just off the bottom the bites came straight away. Nothing to really test the reel, until the last cast when a decent size Tench came to the net, though it didn’t fight as well as I expected for its size, it did strip a bit of line off the reel. I found the drag, in the short time that I got to use it was perfect, plenty of clicks for micro adjustment. Due to this being early in the year, the light dropped before we could do anymore fishing, but I am really looking forward to my next trip , it maybe the float rod that comes out first next time

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