Fishing Redmire

Back in the summer the opportunity arose for myself to fish the now legendary Redmire Pool, a mecca for all carp anglers, over a weekend at the end of November. Naturally I jumped at the chance and also managed to secure to secure a place for William my son.


In no time at all November arrived and the car was packed to the roof. Our plan of attack was formulated . Will finished school & we set off, making the hour journey in heavy traffic. By the time .we got there it was dark, making setting up more difficult than usual. The Bivvy we had chosen for the session , the Fox Royale XXL was a four rib pram hood design with detachable groundsheet. I was amazed firstly at how easy it was to put up. Just slot the poles together to form the four ribs, clip in the tensioning bars and peg down the shell around around the heavy duty groundsheet. It took us about 2 minutes to erect , not bad considering we hadn’t done it before. The car was then emptied into the cavernous interior. I could n’t believe how big inside the Royale was. I am 6’1″ tall & was able to stand up inside with room to spare. It was easily the biggest bivvy on the lake. Inside we had 2 XL bedchairs, sleeping bags, 4 carryalls , & all the gear 2 anglers would use in a weekend, and still had plenty of room to spare.Later that weekend we were to find out just how good the bivvy is.


Our first night proved uneventful. After we had set up camp , cast out & set up our alarms we retired to our sleeping bags. William was to be sleeping in the Wychwood Epic Bag Whilst I would be using the new Fox Evo TS. The Wychwood Epic is a quilted bag with an extra cover that is kept in a pocket on the front. It is massive, so will accommodate the larges of anglers , and very warm . The Fox Evo TS that I was using was not quite as wide across, but unzipped either side and had a detachable thick fleece lining which could be removed if the weather had been warmer. My impressions of it were that it was an excellent sleeping bag, easy to get in and out of, very comfortable & eay to pack away, with the carry bag having tensioning straps that can make the parcel smaller for transportation.

We awoke on saturday morning to a cold and misty setting. No runs to wake us so we managed a good nights sleep. The obligatory cooked breakfast was polished off and we set about getting some fish on the bank, a near impossible task looking at the water conditions. There had been a fair amount of rain in the week, with more forecast, & as the lake is stram fed the water was the colour of a Frappucino.


Our carp rods were abandoned and we resorted to the tried and trusted methods of the previous season , feeder and float tactics. There was a fair bit of tow right to left so we had to use quite a heavy float, with loose fed dead maggot. The water was about 4ft in front with a thick carpet of weed which was hidden by the water colour, and no mater what we tried we couldn’t conjour up a bite. At about 11 o’clock the forecasted rain arrived , hampering our efforts at putting a fish in the net.We gave up on the float & went back to ledgered baits at distance, trying particles and boilies, tight to the bed or popped up with no resultseacept a pile of weed which seemed to be everywhere you put a lead.

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