Iridium Blogg

With the tides right and  window in the weather I decided it was time to do a spot of beach fishing , and in particular try out the new Iridium Surf rods. With a North Westerly wind blowing we headed to Aberavon Beach, a local clean ground venue, perfect for using these kinds of rods. William was trying out his brand new Iridium Tristar, while I opted for the lighter Iridium Surf One. At 14 foot 3 piece , both rods are built in the continental style , with lightweight slimline blanks and lowrider guides.
We were using 3 hook rigs and 5 ounces as the medium size tide was on the way out. There was quite a strong tidal pull, but the wind had dropped so the surf wasn’t too heavy. The rods are rated 100-200g (3-7oz) and both cast 5 ounces easily enough, with plenty of stiffness in the butt of both rods, yet they were easy to load in a straightforward overhead cast , will you able to put out three hook clip down rigs  90 – 130 yards.
William Dewhurst with a pin Whiting 14.11.13

William Dewhurst with a pin Whiting 14.11.13

 The tips of both rods sat nicely in the tide, although the Surf One , with the softer tip was bent over, with the first 2 foot at right angles to the rest of the rod in the rip, whilst the Tristar easily dealt with it. This didn’t take away any of the bite detection, as it was easy to pot the finicky biting dogs, pin whiting and dabs as they latched onto our small frozen lug and sandeel baits. The Surf One was great fun to use ,the  bites exagerated by the quiver style tip, and you feel you could hold the lightweight blank all day. The Tristar was a lot stiffer in the tip, so I could imagine the rod could be used at many different venues in lots of different conditions.
End result was 6 dogs, 3 pin whiting and a dab, not a bad 3 hours work. Definitley impressed with both rods and looking forward to many more sessions with both this coming winter.