The ESP Camo Stash Jacket

This year I decided that I would no longer let the weather dictate when
I was going to go fishing, with the current climatic trend for warmer,
wetter weather 12 months of the year, I was looking for a jacket that
was lightweight yet practical.

Step Forward the new ESP Camo Stash Jacket with its cool

Northern European style camo pattern & understated ESP logo. But there
is more to this jacket than colour alone . It has several attributes
that make it an excellent choice for long or short session anglers. The
design is based on the modern day principle of multi layering, whereby
the angler uses several thinner garments on top of each other ,
depending on the temperature, so that the jacket can be worn throughout
the year. The full zip style makes it easy to slip on or off when the
weather as it often does, takes a turn for the worse and space in the
bivvy or shelter is at a premium. The jacket is made from Nylon lined
material that is soft, silent and extremely waterproof (5,000mm
Hydrostatic head) whilst retaining some breathability (3,000mm ). It is
also just the right length to be worn with either waterproof trousers or
Bib n’ brace ( also available in the same pattern). The sleeves have
reinforced elbows and Velcro adjusters with snug fit neoprene cuffs to
keep out the water when casting or playing fish. There is an internal
security pocket big enough to take keys or a mobile phone, and 2 outer
kidney pockets with outer velcro secured flaps.
However the jackets’ most outstanding feature is its hood.
I’ve had countless fishing jackets with either a three quarter or soft
peaked hood that is use to neither man nor beast. The hood on a fishing
jacket is the most important feature. The hood on the Stash jacket
extends well over the head and its opening has a wide semi rigid shape
that allows the angler to see all around without having to wear a
baseball cap . There is ample room for a headtorch if needed so the
jacket can be worn at all times of the day , and elasticated toggles at
either side to be adjusted by the individual. When down this acts like a
high collar, protecting the wearer from the wind.Image result for drennan esp camo stash jacket
In conclusion I would have to say that the new Camo
stash jacket is an excellent buy for any angler who is willing to fish
whatever the elements , but then what would you expect to get from
parent company Drennan, who have a reputation for doing their homework
when it comes to individual product design ? I now plan to fish through
the winter safe in the knowledge I will be dry enough to concentrate on
my next conquest.

Shakespeare Salt Beach Rest

salt beach rest

Shakespeare Salt Beach Tripod Rest

This powder coated blue tripod is strong & stable yet lightweight, with plenty of features to aid the angler.

When folded it measures a mere 1.25m (4ft) and packs away nice & neat into hard wearing nylon bag that is big enough to accomodate a rod as well.

When fully extended the the legs measure 2.20 metres, ideal for use with longer continental style rods. The stand comes comes with a double head & cups so the angler can fish 2 rods side by side , aiding bite detection.  For stability  there are 2 arms , or stabilizing bars from the back leg to the front two that when locked into position enable the angler to easily carry the stand with rods on, essential when mobility is required for fishing shallow storm beaches. There is also a hook that hangs from the the centre of the stand to attach a light or bag, and 2 plastic fittings on each arm for hanging ready made traces.
All in all the complete package.

Leeda Icon M Sport – £138.99


Built on the tried, tested and trusted Icon blank, the new Icon M-Sport range hosts improved rings, a full length parallel handle, which is fully encased in Japanese shrink wrap, improved whipping and is supplied with a set of coaster reel seats. Add to this the stunning graphics, and the finished rod is all kept safe in a twin compartment heavy-duty rod bag.When Leeda originally discontinued the original rod, the Reelfishing team were very sad to see such a fantastic actioned surf rod disappear. So imagine our joy when we found out the original blank was to be brought back out in another guise. A fantastic rod for using in the fast tidal waters of the Bristol Channel

The Icon M-Sport range punches seriously above its price bracket with actions, bite detection and sheer casting ability of rods twice its price. These rods are built for the UK coastline no matter what ground is fished over, but equally would not be out of place on a tournament casting field, such is the ability of this range of rods.

Icon M-Sport Match – Ideal for fishing cleaner ground with leads up to 6oz, giving excellent bite detection but a reserve of power in the lower 2/3 of the rod to cast distance and tame large fish

  • High modulus carbon blank for superb action and recovery
  • Length = 13ft
  • 2 piece blank
  • Full Japanese shrink wrap handle
  • High gloss finish
  • Supplied with coasters – for fishing reel up or down style
  • Fast action with sensitive tip section for bite detection
  • Powerful mid and butt section for increased distance and controlled casts
  • Fully lined sic guides – rung for multiplier reels only

Prologic Firestarter LWG Oval Umbrella

Firestarter brolly

Firestarter Brolly

Firestarter LWG Oval Umbrella – £117.99

The new Firestarter LWG Oval umbrella has all the most important features needed for the modern carp anglers. Perfect solution for 24/48 hours sessions, but can also be used for longer stays on the water thanks to the generous internal room. At Reelfishing we are lucky enough to have the floorspace to put one of these up instore. We cannot believe the size of it. This brolly is like a Tardis ! It also comes with a full front panel that can be zipped off. The detachable front panel has a door . There is a detachable groundsheet, pegs & 4 storm poles. All in all the full package !

• Detachable front panel

• Rear and front ventilation mesh window
• Waterproof groundsheet with Velcro connections
• 4 storm poles included
• Metallic ribs frame
• 190D 100% waterproof fabric
• Heavy duty pegs included
• Total weight 8.8kg
• Transport sizes 182cm X 20cm

Inside Dimensions 240cm width x 160cm depth x 140cm height

NEW in Stock Daiwa Crosscast BK5500A


NEW Daiwa Crosscast BK5500A

The arrival of the Crosscast X has extended this family of unbelievable reels to six models and with it taken the standard up a level.

The X features Quick Drag, the HIP high impact line clip and Air bail. It is also furnished with a machined handle and spare spool.

Sharing Digigear and quality BB’s combined with the worm gear enhanced Crosswrap line lay and Twist Buster they deliver an impressive performance for the price.

All geared at 4.9:1 the Crosscasts eat up 108cm of line per handle turn making them perfect for big distances.

Daiwa Crosscast BK5500A

CCX5000 4.9:1 21.5 5+1RB 360m-14lbs £99.99 £20.00
CCX5500 4.9:1 21.5 5+1RB 400m-17lbs £99.99 £20.00
CCX5000LD 4.9:1 21.5 5+1RB 265m-20lbs £99.99 £20.00

NEW Pro Tech Clothing

protech-smock-grey-blue NEW Imax Pro Tech Smock

  • 100% waterproof
  • Flexible 100% PU shell fabric bonded with soft 100% polyester tricot Heat sealed seams
  • Strong ½ front zip with velcro-closed wind fillet
  • Large zipper front pocket for storage
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs
  • Wide elasticated hem for great fit
  • Adjustable hood
  • Fold-away hood construction
  • Reflective decoration on front pocket flap

The new Imax Protech smock is a fully 100% waterproof smock. The Imax Protech Smock is a great garment for sea anglers. At North East Tackle Supplies we carry the entire Imax range including the Imax Protech smock.

Boat Fishing from Port Talbot

boat fishing

boat fishing

cod fishing

keith with cod

Recently a good friend of mine offered me the chance to go out for the day on his boat for a spot of fishing. How could I refuse ? A day in work, or a day fishing ? So early the following morning we we set sail on “Barbera Lyn” , an Offshore 160 , launched from Afan Boat club, Port Talbot. The conditions were fantastic ; clear blue skies, little or no wind, with a 3ft swell and large tables in between. Tony has a fantastic set up , where he is able to do most things on his boat single handed, so I was just there for the ride.            

 We arrived on the first mark , a favorite of Tonys , at Sker Rocks. Unfortunately after 3 attempts it became clear that because of the fast tide we were not going to be able to anchor . So Tony decided we would try his second choice, the Ferry buoy off Porthcawl, a popular mark with most of the local boat anglers throughout the year due to its reputation for churning out big Cod in Winter & large bass in the summer. In fact just 6 weeks previously a 33lb cod had been taken on that very same mark by a local chip shop owner. So after managing to set the anchor at the second attempt, we proceeded to tackle up. As I mentioned before Tony had everything on board so it was time to choose my weapon. I have never been a fan of multiplier reels, so it was with great delight that I chose to use the New Rovex Ceratec 6000 reels matched with Shimano Vengeance 12lb class downtiders that Tony had bought from us recently. With their pearlescent finish, 5 bearings & aluminium spools I was looking forward to putting them through their paces. It didn’t take long either. I attached a 2 hook paternoster to the 20lb braided mainline, along with 6 ounce of lead weight and baited both size 1/0 hooks with sandeel , hoping to attract a bite straight away from the abundance of dogfish that usually patrol this mark. As soon as I put the rod in the quick set rodholder the tip of my rod arced over violently. This wasn’t a Dogfish bite. I grabbed the rod, & as it bent round again I struck and attempted to reel in. However the fish had other ideas. The spool Started to spin, as the fish took line & headed down tide. I had no idea what I had hooked into, but was enjoying the fight as I slackened off the drag and let the fish run. The reel was really smooth in retrieve, and the drag with its many settings perfect for handling hard fighting fish. Slowly I gained line on the reel , so that eventually I manageed to get it to the surface. I saw the flick of  grey tail, a splash and then the line went slack ! I didn’t get a great look at what it was , but by a process of elimination it could only have been one thing. The fish had managed to bite through my 30lb Maxima hooklength. I was gutted, my own fault. I had heard & seen pictures of the recent catches of Spurdogs to 14lb on Porthcawl Pier on frozen sandeel but thought it unlikely that I would catch one, so hadn’t used any heavier hooklength. Spurdogs have a reputation for biting through even the heaviest of hooklengths so I only had myself to blame. Perhaps if I hadn’t taken so long to get the fish to the surface I could have netted it before it had chance to bite through ‘
                            Another trace was attached , with sandeel again in the hope it would come back. In the meantime Tony was fishing big lugworm baits on long flowing traces with 4/0 hooks, & in a very short period of time he had boated 4 codling to 4lb. We both baited up another rod, with worm & sandeel baits & the bites just kept coming.  As the tide slackened the Dogfish arrived, and the Sandeel baits were substituted for more lugworm. This however didnt seem to deter the Dogfish which didn’t seem to be that fussy. As the tide built up to high, the bites for me dropped off, but Tony just kept catching. The only thing I can put it down to is that Tony was using long flowing single hooklengths, whereas I was using 2 hook partenosters with short hooklengths. I wan’t too disppointed though, as e had a great day, with plenty of fish, laughs and Bovril.
                           The time came to up Anchor & head back in.The sea wasnow like a mirror , so it tookus no time at all to make the slip & due to Tonysingenuitythe boat was up o the trailer & in the compound before yopu could say smoked halibut. All in all a great day. I am now looking forward to another invite later in the year, whenwe will
hopefully target Bass, bream and other species. Roll on the Summer !

Iridium Blogg

With the tides right and  window in the weather I decided it was time to do a spot of beach fishing , and in particular try out the new Iridium Surf rods. With a North Westerly wind blowing we headed to Aberavon Beach, a local clean ground venue, perfect for using these kinds of rods. William was trying out his brand new Iridium Tristar, while I opted for the lighter Iridium Surf One. At 14 foot 3 piece , both rods are built in the continental style , with lightweight slimline blanks and lowrider guides.
We were using 3 hook rigs and 5 ounces as the medium size tide was on the way out. There was quite a strong tidal pull, but the wind had dropped so the surf wasn’t too heavy. The rods are rated 100-200g (3-7oz) and both cast 5 ounces easily enough, with plenty of stiffness in the butt of both rods, yet they were easy to load in a straightforward overhead cast , will you able to put out three hook clip down rigs  90 – 130 yards.
William Dewhurst with a pin Whiting 14.11.13

William Dewhurst with a pin Whiting 14.11.13

 The tips of both rods sat nicely in the tide, although the Surf One , with the softer tip was bent over, with the first 2 foot at right angles to the rest of the rod in the rip, whilst the Tristar easily dealt with it. This didn’t take away any of the bite detection, as it was easy to pot the finicky biting dogs, pin whiting and dabs as they latched onto our small frozen lug and sandeel baits. The Surf One was great fun to use ,the  bites exagerated by the quiver style tip, and you feel you could hold the lightweight blank all day. The Tristar was a lot stiffer in the tip, so I could imagine the rod could be used at many different venues in lots of different conditions.
End result was 6 dogs, 3 pin whiting and a dab, not a bad 3 hours work. Definitley impressed with both rods and looking forward to many more sessions with both this coming winter.